• EU research regarding branding and extroversion

    EU research regarding branding and extroversion

  • Traning materials and guidelines

    Traning materials and guidelines

  • Branding and extroverting strategies

    Branding and extroverting strategies

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of Erasmus+ project Branding EU - Branding and Extroversion of EU Enterprises is to provide the tools and training materials to members of the target group in order to develop an attitude of extroversion and brand their product or services, which will result to the increase of sale and the beginning or increasing of exports. 

Target groups

  • Enterprise
  • Self-employed
  • VET Organizations
  • Training organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Employers Federations

Furthermore, the project aims at: 

  • Promoting in the partner countries the culture of extroversion for an organization; 
  • Promote and develop branding strategies for the products or services of an organization; 
  • Develop a state of the art guide regarding extroversion and branding, as well as drafting a European report regarding these two sectors and their impacts in other organizations.

Project’s path 
The BRANDING EU – Branding and Extroversion of EU enterprises project aims to transfer to the target group the methodology and didactical materials (that will be adequately updated and customised for the various national contexts) of the training path and then the customised training path will be tested during a piloting activity involving members of the target group that are willing to export, increase exports or start promoting better their organization.

The main phases of the project are: 

  • EU research regarding the available tools and materials on branding and general in extroversion of an organization, advantages and disadvantages of their use and what are considered as core sectors in these two areas. Some issues that were found in a preliminary research done among the participating countries are 
    • Efficient communication techniques 
    • Digital and traditional marketing 
    • Knowledge of the exporting procedures 
    • Organization Culture development 
    • Strategy planning 
    • ICT techniques 
  • Development of the training materials and guidelines for efficient branding and extroverting techniques, based on the results of the research. 
  • Pilot testing of the materials in members of the target group in order for them to understand and develop a branding and extroverting strategy. 


Duration of the project: 01.11.2015 - 31.10.2017